Since 2002, Finestra has been the premiere specialty boutique in Northeast Ohio. Our boutique is home to a variety of handcrafted, artist made, and artist designed products, such as jewelry, glassware, pottery, wall art, and gifts. We carry products made by artists of local, national, and even international repute. Twice a year our staff makes a buying trip to New York City to keep our stock fresh, current, and unique.

Lisa Longo, the owner of Finestra, works tirelessly in all areas of the shop, driven to make her store not only perfect in her eyes, but in the eyes of her devoted customers. “I like that customers come to my store knowing they can find a special and unique gift,” she says. “I love when people say ‘This is perfect!’”

Come out to Historic Downtown Willoughby, Ohio, and introduce yourself to style at Finestra!